1. I see you @mhazel89 #hendricks

  2. Green on green on brown on brown. @meerminmallorca #meermin #swims

  3. Pork rind rice crispie? Yep.

  4. Ready guys?!?

  5. Yep! #chemex

  6. If only there were twice as many songs on this album. @intoitoverit

  9. Grinks.

  10. This guy.

  11. So, I thought I’d post some pictures of my Meermins which just arrived. I think these will hold me over until my MTO’s get here. These are fantastic, and for the price point, I couldn’t be happier. The folks over at Meermin are a delight to work with and are quick to get back to emails. As far as the construction goes, these bad boys look like they should last a good amount of time. 

  12. Topsail Island, NC.

  13. Brinkley.

  14. Punta Gorda, BZ.

  15. Central Virginia.